Friday, January 15, 2010

Back in the Saddle....figuratively

Well here I am again - finally. I've been putting off posting because I haven't had any interesting photos to add to my posts. After riding that scooter in circles I decided that was my procrastination rearing it's ugly head once

What's new...well I have been bitten by the crafting bug badly - stamps are the soup de jour. So far my talent lies in searching them out and buying them lol. Perhaps I will start using them soon sigh. I have to say there are infinite possibilities out there. My tastes run to the vintage/old fashion type illustrations (big surprise!).

My best friend, M., is getting married in New Hope, PA on Easter weekend. Yup Easter weekend - and it is a 7 hour drive too. With kids, who by then will be, 9, 4, and 5. I will be buying one of those dual screen DVD players for certain!!! I do have the honor of being one of her 2 attendants. This will be a second marriage for her. She has 3 beautiful children from her first. The wonderful man she is marrying is her college sweetheart and this is also his second marriage. They are very much in love and although he has no children from his marriage he has whole hearted thrown himself into the role of dad. I have to say he has impressed me, and that is no easy feat. I come from a blended family and life has taught me a surprising amount in my 39 years - I'm pretty much (pardon the expression) bull shit proof. He is definitely doing well - they both are. The kids I have never seen more happy and well adjusted - don't get me wrong there are still hiccups but they finally have the stability they have been missing their whole lives.

Got a call from my doctor - bless her heart - she is amazing! Dr. B. was just checking in with me after receiving an update from my endocrinologist. Aside from some inaccuracies on the report that I rectified - it seems that the blood work suggests that I'm pregnant!!!! Yes folks I didn't stutter - pregnant! Go figure...I will have to wait until Monday to sort it all out. Wooooops doesn't even begin to cover it. Plus dates and numbers etc don't even make sense...however without boring you all with my 11 years of fertility issues - to say I'm not "normal", in that sense at least, doesn't even begin to cut it. So here I am maybe pregnant maybe not.....After my poor husband finished blanching (we had decided that our brood was fine at 3) he got all teary eyed - he is an emotional guy. I guess the thing that surprised me the most, aside from this whole "you're (possibly) pregnant" is that my kids totally ignored our conversation...normally I can't go to the bathroom without an audience of at least one and here they were all within 2 feet of us and didn't jump all over the words "baby", "pregnant", "one more" etc. However knowing them they are saving it for their next visit to my in-laws where the little bugg...err angels will regurgitate it word for they have been known to do from time to time...much to my in-laws delight and my weellllll lets just leave it at annoyance! lol {Update - NOT PREGNANT}


  1. HI Michelle, I enjoyed reading your post just now. You have a such a cute way of putting things. So, maybe another baby, huh? I assume you must know by now if you are but- it must've been hard to wait to know! I any case, I pray you are peaceful happy and joyous this year. May God and the spirit of Bruce Springsteen always be with us!! lol :)

    Hugs, Colette

  2. Thanks Colette! Turns out I was right and the Dr. was wrong - no more babies! My 3 keep me pretty busy so all is good. Who knows how the test was messed up but it was. Have fun at the CHA!