Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where has the summer gone????

Well when I look at the calandar I really can't believe August is just looming around the corner! I would think most people with school age kids feel they have to hit the floor running after the August long weekend. I cheated and headed stateside to do a little preliminary school supply shopping or Target therapy - lol. Truthfully though they get killer sales on school supplies that we just don't see on this side. (Crayola Crayons 24 pk. $.25/ea, 10 ct. marker $1, Elmer glue sticks 6/$1 etc.) If you haven't figured it out yet my kids are in elementary school and one is still home terrorizing the pets and her mom :) .

My son, Connor, started playing football this year and really loves it. I tend to hold my breath when he is on the field but his smaller size seems to be in his favour.
Connor is in the black and white jersey facing the camera - see my size concern....? He has really taken to the sport though and I have to confess I prefer it to hockey...

My last post said I would work my way through Stephanie Lee's book - well in true Michelle fashion I have procrastinated to the point that I have only located the linen thread but have yet to do anything with it...sad I know. I've actually bought Wayne Dyer's new book called "Excuses Begone" can you guess what it is about???? lol I did start another piece of jewelry, a necklace, but I haven't taken any photos of it. I sort of got stuck on finishing the locket portion. I will try to post some pictures soon.

Playoffs for football are beginning - I hope the lad makes it with minimal bumps and bangs!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My First Piece from Stephanie Lee's Book

Well here it is my first completed piece! I kept getting hung up on trying to "make it my own" and end up making nothing so I made the decision to work through the projects and if my muse decides to get off her duff and help me out then great - if not - at least I am learning some new techniques in the process! lol 

My end result was a little bigger and slightly different (I etched the metal) and didn't use sterling wire but for the most part rings very true to the example in the book.

I used an antique French book with illustration. The example used a brass screw to attach the mini book to the metal backing (in addition to gel medium). I think I will either use copper wire or waxed linen to sort of parcel tie the book.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sea Glass...well lake glass actually....

Went over to Lake Ontario with the kids to see how Spring is coming along - we all affectionately refer to our 2 spots as the "Rocky Beach". The shore is full of smooth stones and the odd broken shells and offers up hours of hunting fun! The kids know I love beach glass (aka sea glass, mermaid tears...) so they enjoy helping me hunt. There is always plenty of white, but if you are really lucky you will find the old tinted light blue glass you often see in the early 1900's Ball Canning Jars. Sometimes the odd piece of light amethyst and cobalt blue. Brown (more than likely all are from beer bottles) glass I suppose we could imagine they are from old syrup bottles or household products from long ago - I think I once saw a vintage Javex bottle that was brown...I really think chances are we have Molson's and Labatt's to thank though. Lol. My daughter, Victoria, (4) found a piece of old transfer ware (you can see it in the first picture). Occasionally you will find bits of dishes or tiles too. Some may find it boring but I can spend hours looks at the rocks - unfortunately I don't know enough about geology to identify anything more than granite for certain. I might hazard a guess that some of the green stones are serpentine and the almost glass like ones are quartz but that is as far as I can go. Anyone?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Books, books, books!!!

Lately I have been burning up the book shops and buying 'how to...' books like crazy. Unfortunately living in Canada inhibits my ability to attend the many workshops and retreats held Stateside. I tell myself the books are my answer and substantially less expensive than the airfare...lol...at least that is how I justify my purchases to my long suffering husband! Somerset Publications are my new weakness...The only 2 I have managed to avoid are Stamping and Dolls...

I have 3 more books on my hit list plus a DVD.

  1. Stephanie Lee's Semi Precious Salvage: Creating Found Art Jewelry
  2. Michael  de Meng's Secrets of Rusty Things: Transforming Found Objects into Art
  3. Linda and Opie O'Brien's Metal Craft Discovery Workshop
  4. Susan Lenart Kazmer's Making Connections: A Handbook of Cold Joints for Jewelers and Mixed Media Artists
  5. DVD by Susan Lenart Kazmer: Making Connections: Making Cold Connections with Rivets
I know...I said 3 books didn't I?? See my problem...??? Sometimes I think I get hung up on having the books and all the "right" supplies just to avoid making something. 'sigh' Will have to get a grip on that!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More finds....

Okay - anyone have any idea what these would be used for??? I was thinking of making a little book pendant with them but of course it would mean the initials will be upside down...this will take a little bit of thinking....

Baby Doll

Found the most amazing porcelain doll - I don't know if she would qualify as a "Frozen Charlotte" but she looks deliciously old! I have been tromping down to the only flea market in my area and have found 2 vendors that have some pretty neat stuff. I should mention the little dollie is only 1 3/4" long from head to toe and it looks as though she has "Ger" printed on her lower back but I'd have to rip her dress to get at her whole back to she if it is actually Germany. Her arms and legs move freely - the gold on her dress is actually paint someone added and a little got on her left arm. I can't get over how delicate she is...