Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To Paint or Not To Paint...That is the question...really

Okay -here it is...I have a behemoth red brick fireplace - floor to ceiling, approx 8 feet in length and 3 feet deep. Sound lovely?? Well maybe if it didn't account for a 1/3 of my living room. I suppose if I'm doing a shout out for opinions I should include a picture (I will get on that). If this was an open concept room with cathedral ceilings it would be fine - I don't even mind the bricks - the colour isn't bad....(deep breath) I think I'm going to paint it...don't think I should paint it white though as it would still end up standing out unless my wall colour is going to be white too.

So I've been looking at greys/taupes/creams until my eyes are crossed and my head is spinning...I like the idea of going neutral - nice clean palette and just add colour with accessories and small furnishings etc. But I don't want it cold either...

So there it is...to paint or not to paint! And I have googled everything I could find on painting brick and have read all the pros and cons.... Picture to come soon - opinions welcomed! (be nice though! I get told I'm crazy enough by the DH lol)

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  1. Yes, paint that baby! Have you found any inspiration online? Sarah Richardson paints them all the time, try her site for colour options.
    What colour are the walls these days?