Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Last Baby!

Well the day has come and gone. That day that I was longing for for a better part of the summer but ended up dreading when it finally got here - yup I'm talking about the first day of school. As usual when the summer is going full swing it seems like it will never end and the kids mission each day is to come up with new ways to terrorize and maim one another while simultaneously drive me to the loony bin. I had grand plans, really I did! Let's just sum it up with two quotes and spare you all the gory details.
"the road to hell is paved with good intentions" (apparently  St. Bernard of Clairvaux gets the credit for that one)
"Man plans, God laughs" (that would be a Yiddish proverb)
Well about now you might be asking yourself what does all that have to do with this entry being titled My Last Baby? Well nothing really - that just summarizes my Summer of 2010 or perhaps Lord of the Flies Revisited?I do tend to ramble when I have a captive audience am talking to myself -apologies!.

Well my littlest girl (aka fire-eating-wild-child) started school and while it all went really well (okay except for the small incident at line up where she made the loser symbol on her forehead to educate her grandparents on it's meaning- more on that later) I looked around at a lot of parents with cameras, camcorders and babies. Mine reluctantly posed for a couple of picture and was practically levitating she was so stoked to be there! Suddenly, and all too quickly, I was waving at my last baby who was unceremoniously telling me to go and I realized that I was done! DONE! No more babies! Five years ago I was in the same spot dragging dropping of  my number 1/Little Man (actually peeling my 'brave' boy off of me, who was bawling like I was never coming back!) all while toting a 14 month old Angel Girl and 5 months pregnant with said Wild Child. Fast forward back to present and I should have been doing a dance like Terrell Owens in the end zone. Instead I was feeling curiously sad.

As a made my way back to the car I consoled myself with the thought that at least she was grabbing life or at least kindergarten by the tail! That and I was about to run some errands with no unscheduled bathroom breaks and no requests for 'a treat' at every stop I was about to make. Now I would get to give the sympathetic smiles to the other adults with children in lines at the grocery store for a change. Strangely I really wasn't as excited about it as I had thought I would be...

Now about that whole loser symbol thing....I guess I will have time to contemplate that over the 2 1/2 hours every afternoon that Wild Child is tearing up the Kindergarten Room....


  1. Your little girl is adorable. Hope she enjoys school!

  2. Hello Michelle
    I found my way to your blog through Deryn's, I saw your comment on her post.
    I have to say this entry really caught my eye. I really identify with your thoughts here, all of them. I still have a little one at home, but I've gone through these feelings when the older ones started shcool. You have really expressed these emotions so well.
    I hope your little one is enjoying Kindergarten! :-)

  3. You are a wonderful writer, and Wild Child is incredibly adorable!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, could she be any cuter ... hope that Kindergarten is going well.