Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sea Glass...well lake glass actually....

Went over to Lake Ontario with the kids to see how Spring is coming along - we all affectionately refer to our 2 spots as the "Rocky Beach". The shore is full of smooth stones and the odd broken shells and offers up hours of hunting fun! The kids know I love beach glass (aka sea glass, mermaid tears...) so they enjoy helping me hunt. There is always plenty of white, but if you are really lucky you will find the old tinted light blue glass you often see in the early 1900's Ball Canning Jars. Sometimes the odd piece of light amethyst and cobalt blue. Brown (more than likely all are from beer bottles) glass I suppose we could imagine they are from old syrup bottles or household products from long ago - I think I once saw a vintage Javex bottle that was brown...I really think chances are we have Molson's and Labatt's to thank though. Lol. My daughter, Victoria, (4) found a piece of old transfer ware (you can see it in the first picture). Occasionally you will find bits of dishes or tiles too. Some may find it boring but I can spend hours looks at the rocks - unfortunately I don't know enough about geology to identify anything more than granite for certain. I might hazard a guess that some of the green stones are serpentine and the almost glass like ones are quartz but that is as far as I can go. Anyone?

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